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I have always loved to make things and bake things and have spent most of my life happily ensconced in the 3-D world of creativity. A few years back, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and into the world of 2-D art, so I enrolled in a drawing class. It took about twenty minutes before frustration kicked in. I drew a table and then wanted to put a chair behind it. As I rubbed out each attempt to match the top with the bottom of a chair, I kept thinking how much simpler it would be to make a chair separately and just slip it behind the table. Finally, after rubbing my eraser right through my drawing, I thought 'why not?' and the ancestral 'Roomination' was born.

As I experimented with my new art form, I found that I was repeatedly drawn to creating rooms. I would think of a space I would love to occupy and I would try to re-create it. Very gratifying! I highly recommend it.

I would like to close with a note to my father, who wondered why my pianos, chairs, etc., don't look like actual pianos, chairs, etc:

Dear Dad (and any other reality-mired viewers),

Despite my preference for creating in 3 dimensions rather than 2, reality in art has never been a particular concern of mine. Reality in any dimension is all too frequently overrated and, since art is an escape for me, I feel neither a need nor a desire to drag reality into it.


P.S. Love you, Daddy!

Emily S. Glicksman

Here I am with my muse, Coppert

Roominations begin with an idea. The idea could be a title, a piece of furniture I've seen or imagined, a color scheme that appeals to me, or a space I simply want to create. I select a primed canvas panel that measures from 9" x 12" to 12" x 16" and apply acrylic paint, paper, beads, chains, bits of material, yarn, etc., to recreate the image in my mind onto the canvas. I have a small home studio that was created by the woodworking wizard Steve Kelehan, and that is where I do all my work, accompanied by Coppert, the wonder-dog, who is not only my most disinterested critic, but also works tirelessly to keep my studio chipmunk-free. I give the finished works to Greg Staley, the brilliant photographer who records each piece and provides me with a file that I can then send to Dave Bair at Dodge-Chrome to be enlarged and printed. Last, but far from least, I email the downloads of my work to Michelle Interiano, the gem who designed my website and keeps it running. Michelle is not only creative and highly skilled, she is also incredibly patient!

P.S. Here is the contact information for the Professionals whom I reference above:

Stephen J Kelehan (Woodworker/Designer)

Gregory R Staley (Art Documentation/Architecture)        

Dave Bair (Client Service Representative at Dodge Chrome)

Michelle Interiano (Graphic and Web Design)

Emily Studio

My Studio

My Puppy Coppert
My Unamused Muse

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