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Roominations by RequestSamples of Brainstorm your own Roomination By Request!

Imagine an ideal Roomination, either to keep or to bestow, and allow me to make it a reality. Pastimes, personalities, passions, pets- anything and everything can be made into a Roomination By Request. If you can dream it, I can memorialize it! In fact, I've done it before.

"Auntie's Lair" was created for someone to have her 'ideal' room, based on a description of her personality. Auntie's Lair
"Play, Sissy, Play" was created for someone who recently took up the drums. Play, Sissy, Play
"Princess Lily" was created for a little girl. Princess Lilly
"Life's a Beach" was created for a woman who lives at the shore. Life's a Beach

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