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Roominations by Request

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Roominations by Request

RoominationsCustomized Roominations are not just available- they are wildly appreciated! You've spent time perusing my works. Here is an opportunity for you to wow me with your creativity.

Ways for you to wow me

RoominationsBlow up one of my works!
No, not literally. I was thinking in terms of enlarging one of my works to cover a huge wall space. It would feel like you could walk right into the Roomination. Any of my works can be enlarged to an infinite array of sizes to achieve the look and feel you want to create. Click here for samples. Contact me with ?s.

RoominationsRoominate any room of your choice!
Send me pics of a room you would like me to Roominate and I will create a personalized Roomination By Request just for you, with all your favorite stuff in it. How cool would that be?! Or have me create a Roomination to give to someone as a very special gift. You could become, to quote my nephew, the most popularist person ever! Click here for samples. Contact me for specifics.

RoominationsBrainstorm your own Roomination By Request!
Imagine an ideal Roomination, either to keep or to bestow, and allow me to make it a reality. Pastimes, personalities, passions, pets- anything and everything can be made into a Roomination By Request. If you can dream it, I can memorialize it! In fact, I've done it before. Click here for samples. Contact me for specifics.

*Please note that pricing for any Roomination by Request starts at $350.

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